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PT Kualitas Tekhnologi Asia (Qualitas) was founded on 8 March 2012 with the intention to assist companies in utilizing the right information technology. Started from a small team, Qualitas was delivering one project continued with other projects and the company was growing along with more trust we gain from our customers.

Based on our experience we found most common factors those could bring companies to fail implementation / in-satisfaction :

  1. Lack of clear direction and connection with company Vision and Mission
  2. No clear definition of Project Success
  3. Project Deliverables are not as expected
  4. Chaotic Project Management
  5. No clear Roadmap on future development
  6. Common IT problem that was taken as easy area at the beginning
  7. No Business Continuity Planning from system perspective

Through this experience we are trying to provide end-to-end services to assist the customer from all perspective so that they only deal with 1 (one) trusted solution provider.

We are partnering with the best solution available in the market : Enterprise Resources Planning (SAP), Business Intelligence (SAP & Microsoft), Supply Chain Optimization (JDA Software), and Education Solution (eKool). And we developed our own mobile solutions (QITA, QUBES, QMODE and QOLLECT) and games application to complement those established solutions.

We also strenghtened our project methodology by applying Accelerated SAP Implementation Methodology, called ASAP and JDA Enterprise Methodology, called JEM to our projects.

To move toward our company vision ‘to be the most innovative IT and business solution provider in South East Asia’, now we have offices in Indonesia (Jakarta & Surabaya), Singapore and Malaysia.


Each employee in Qualitas is inspired by our core values, SPRINT (Spiritual, Proactive, Relationship, Innovative and Teamwork).

By infusing SPRINT in our company activities and combine it with the strong project methodologies, we will deliver high quality and innovative business solution with a good teamwork and continuous improvement model which is stated in our company mission.

The expected result is that all solutions and all projects we deliver, could be useful and give values to our partners and customers.


Looked at the relationship with God is above all else. All things will be more beautiful if we believe in God


Each line in the company is always active, have a high initiative, and continue to work earnestly to explore all the potential to strive the most excellent result for the purpose of carrying out the work and improving the company performance


Each line in the company has trustworthy behavior and maintain good professional relationship with colleagues, partners and customers


Each line in the company is committed in advancing the company through continuous innovation for the company growth


Each line in the company upholds the values of teamwork and always responsible for maintaining a good atmosphere in the team

All Things are Possible Until They are Proven Impossible

Pearl S. Buck

But so far we see all things are possible because we have not proven things those are impossible. So if your company are facing challenges or uncertainties and you want to turn them into possibilities, please contact us (marketing@qualitas.co.id)